Richtersveld World Heritage Site MTB Tour 2017


It is here at last!  Join us on this first ever MTB Tour through the less explored part of the Richtersveld, while enjoying the luxury of support (vehicles, camp and meals!)


For once, you can just bring your bike, helmet and adventure spirit!  We'll pitch the tents and make the meals!  

We just love to see happy clients, so why not expand our options on offer!

We now offer mountain biking and/or trail running, on top of our regular tours!

 Come and enjoy all the luxuries we usually offer our clients, now with the option to add a little more adventure to it! No need to be top fit!!! This product is suitable for people who would just like to enjoy a peaceful ride through scenic routes in the Richtersveld, or to casually jog along, with the luxury of a support vehicle following through this mountain desert! When you tired, you can hop in the vehicle if you want to! If are welcome to explore the Richtersveld on your bike or by running, while we still treat you to our excellent service of putting up tents and making home cooked meals! Don't miss out!!!!

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 Click on the link below for a short You tube video of our latest product!

Richtersveld MTB Tour