Richetersveld tour





Arrival Afternoon


DO 1:



Arrival at Port Nolloth.

Meet & Greet tourist guide Conrad Mouton, Aukwatowa Tours.

Accommodation. Port Indigo Guesthouse. Beachfront house. Book in time 14H00


Depart for Sendelingsdrift via Port Nolloth and Alexanderbay. Stop at Lichen Hill to view rare plants like Lichens, Lithops, Fenestraria and Bushman candle as well as other succulent plants. Stop at Wondergat and Cornellskop. Here I will explain about Wondergat ,Cornellskop and Giant Quiver trees, (Aloe Pillansii).

Have a view at Bloeddrift at petroglyphs dates back 10 000 years.

Enter the park at Sendelingsdrift and book into accommodation next to Orange river.

Dinner: Braai with salads.

Overnight: Sendelingsdrift (chalets)

Please bring warm clothes for evenings. Sunscreen for during the day and hats. Own toiletries as there is ablution.

I will tell some stories about diamond mining, diamond theft, locals, ect.

Previously worked in the diamond mines, fisherman, military ect.

Won the Welcome Awards for National Best tourist Guide in 2008. SA Tourism.

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DO2: 30/09/18





Depart for Hakiesdoring. We are visiting Witgat tree, (Sheperds tree) on our way driving through Halfmens pass. Stoping at Halfmens.

I will explain the Halfmens. From here we drive through Akkedis pass passing Maerpoort on our way to Hakiesdoring.

Dinner: Nice warm meal or potjie kos.

Overnight: Hakiesdoring Camp.

Do not forget your camera. We supply headlamps, binoculars for duration of trip.

DO3: 01/10/18






Depart for Kokerboomkloof trough very beautiful scenery. Here we can view some rock formations, quiver trees, 3 species, plants and birds. We will have a light lunch at Kokerboomkloof.

Rock formations are the Toe, Witches Family, Louise se Hond, Queen Victoria, Drumstick, and ect. I will collect some Dassie piss for me, of medicinal use. Look at some game gemsbok, Springbok, Klipspringer on our way back to Hakiesdoring camp.

Our chef will prepare for us a light lunch.

Return to camp. At leisure till dinner. Guest can take a walk along the quartz koppies if they choose to.

Dinner: Surprise meal. Chefs special.

Overnight: Hakiesdoring camp.

Breakfast, light lunch and dinner included in the price.

DO4: 02/10/18



Breakfast: Early start to the day to ensure best possible photography opportunities.

Breaking down camp and pack up.

Depart for Helskloof gate looking at plants, sceneries and photography.

Enroute I will show you very rare plants like Rabbits food, Bandaged Finger, Stapelias, Pearson Aloe, and lots more.

We drive through Helskloof pass and exit at Helskloof gate.

From here drive up to Alexanderbay and back to Port Nolloth

Overnight: Port Indigo Guesthouse.

End of Arrangement.

We supply headlamps and binoculars for all the guests.

Trust that you will find this in order.