General Information

We suggest you bring the following items:


  • Hiking shoes

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • Sun block

  • Short and long sleeved clothes that could be worn in layers

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Camera

  • Binoculars


Accommodation and Transport


Camping is the preferred way of spending the nights in certain areas. Although chalet facilities are available in a few places, it is limited.


Some of the places to be visited have no or little facilities. You will be informed of the availability up front, and you will also be given a choice of staying in a chalet/guest house where it is available.


Although some of the roads are accessible with a vehicle with high ground clearance, it is definitely safer to enter some parts of the Park, as well as other Areas with a 4x4.

Our vehicles can carry different numbers of passengers. The combination of 4x4 vehicle, and special 4x4 trailer, will depend on the group size, as well as the length of the Tour.


Travelling over rough terrain in 4x4 vehicles, could affect people who get travelling sickness easily. There is no alternative in terms of the roads, for people with this problem, and they have to take the necessary medication in advance, for them not to be affected.


Our staff will put up and break down the camp.




We believe that our meals are an essential part of making the tours a pleasant experience.


We will have the necessary equipment, like fridges, gas stoves, tables and chairs, and the necessary equipment on the vehicle to prepare the food 'on the go'.


Rates and Costs


We have daily rates per person, which will include the following:

  1. 4x4 vehicle with driver/guide/fuel

  2. Meals

  3. Accommodation (camp or chalet)

  4. Entrance fees (where applicable)

  5. Security fees (where applicable)

  6. Bottled water/snacks


Pick-up, Drop-off & Transfers


We are based in Port Nolloth, and choose to start and end our trips from here. We are registered to operate in the Western and Northern Cape, and can therefore start and end the tour anywhere in either of these Provinces.


We include the accommodation of the nights on tour, as well as the night before, and the night at the end of the last day, in our package.


We will provide safe parking for your vehicle in Port Nolloth, while on tour.




Safety is the first consideration when we are on tour. Up to date we have had no serious incidents, and believe it is a result of our policy.


We will NOT travel at night. We will always travel at safe speeds. The experienced guide will know how much time is available for traveling, and tourists may, from time to time, be requested to finalize their activities at a specific place, to ensure safe traveling to the next destination.


The guide is a qualified First Aider. A First Aid kit is part of our standard equipment.

Richtersveld Tours will not be held liable for any injuries or deaths resulting from negligence of the visitors, and everybody will travel with us at their own risk.


Everybody will be requested to sign an indemnity document before the start of the trip.

It is preferred not to wear open shoes, especially at night, as insects might find their way into these shoes. Some of the insects and snakes are very poisonous and a bite or sting could result in serious illness or even death.


Tourists are notified in advance to always be on the look-out for dangerous snakes and insects, like scorpions or spiders.


The tents that are used are insect- and snake proof, and if the zips are properly closed, these insects/reptiles will not be able to enter the tent.


Eco Policy


We have a policy, of doing our part for conservation.


We will not allow visitors to remove any items, like rocks, plants or seeds, from the area. There are places where these items could be purchased legally.


We support campsites where solar power is used.


We only travel in small groups, to limit damage to the area. We do not encourage large groups traveling together, and use vehicles with larger carrying capacity, to limit the number of vehicles. We see the Richtersveld to be a "low volume" tourist destination.

We plan our trips different for the larger groups, and try to limit the traveling as much as possible.


Job Creation Policy


We support local developing businesses when on tour. By supporting these small businesses, we assist them to create more sustainable jobs in this, generally poor community.


Tour Products


Our aim is to put something together that will suit your needs. Although we have Standard tour itineraries, we will be happy to accommodate reasonable special requests.


Amendments to Programme


Richtersveld Tours will have the right to alter the itinerary, for the sake of safety, or if any serious incident occurred, or if extreme weather requires changes. We will also have the right to change itineraries if problems with roads, or accommodation arise. Clients will be notified in advance.


Group Size


Although we have a basic framework in terms of dates, we also work on a first come first served bases in reserving dates for trips. We will start to plan tours with two people, with the option to add more people to the group.


Groups are often put together with other Tourists, sharing the same tour dates.

The larger groups have to book as one group and can only be accommodated if they are prepared to camp. Most of the guest houses in the Richtersveld can only accommodate up to 8 people (sharing). If tourists prefer not to share, it might result in extra expenses.


Our preferred group size is between 4 and 10 people. A lot of planning and preparation goes into such a tour, and we need to know in advance if any changes in numbers are anticipated.


Age Restrictions and other Limitations


There are no age restrictions, although children must be accompanied by someone who will take full responsibility for them.


Parents must keep in mind that the conditions are sometime extreme and not ideal for small children and elderly people. Rates are the same for children.


We do (have done) tours with handicapped persons. They must however have someone with them, to take responsibility for them, as our staff is not qualified to care for people with special needs.


Any other information is available on request. We will accommodate special requests as far as possible.


Summary of Important Items


Facilities are in many areas limited to camping, with basic facilities, like ablutions with cold showers, and flush toilets


Special 4x4 vehicles are used. These vehicles are more robust, and higher than normal vehicles, and more difficult to get in-and out of, for people with limited movement.


Please inform us of any medical conditions, that might affect you while on tour in a remote place. We will inform you of evacuation possibilities on request. Safety is our first priority.


Dates are decided on first person(s) to confirm booking. If your group is smaller than 8 persons, you might be joined by more people interested in the same dates. Groups will not be more that 10 persons, to ensure personal attention.


We will have the right to adjust schedules, due to safety precautions, or other unforeseen circumstances. You will be informed about these changes, as soon as they are considered.


We need to know about food preferences in advance, as meat purchases, packing etc is done in advance.


  • Use soft travel bags with dims 600 x 400 x 300, rather than suitcases.

  • Only take what you will use.

  • Wear closed shoes for safety.

  • You will not be allowed to remove rocks, plants or seeds from the area.


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